In Therapy by Susie Orbach

This is Susie Orbach’s (author of Fat is a Feminist Issue) latest book – it is a great read! Also below I have added a link to the BBC Radio show of the same name.


In Therapy Radio Show:

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A Great Article from The New Yorker by Charles Yu

If you have considered therapy, are in therapy, or are a therapist – this short piece of fiction about love, dreams, children, (and the loss of the children we believe we want or have a right to), the expected and the unexpected… is a poignant read and can be retrieved at the link below!

The article […]

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A Cure through Love

What’s not to love?


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A cure through love
Posted May 10, 2013

It was Freud, in a letter to Carl Jung, who said: “psychoanalysis in essence is a cure through love.”

It hurts us so much when those around us are suffering, when those we care about are struggling. Maybe it’s one of our co-workers, an elderly person […]

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