Heal Your Heart by Michael Miller, MD

A great book that explains with clarity and ease how what has happened to us, (both joy and trauma), the way we think, what we feel, and the story of our genetics and our lives all contribute to the prevention and recovery from a broken heart - emotionally and physically.    

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National Geographic Program on Stress: This program originally aired in 2008 - it is an excellent program on the relationship between stress and our physiology and explores the kinds of social, emotional, and physical interactions that contribute to our experience of stress as well as the cost to our health - even down to damage [...]

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New Book by Richard Davidson: The Emotional Life of Your Brain

The Emotional Life of Your Brain by Richard Davidson Richard Davidson has been a favorite of mine since I discovered his work while I was conducting research on the emotional impact of infertility for my PhD dissertation. He has made some pioneering discoveries on the effects of stress and distress on physical health [...]

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