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An N of One

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Rio Ferdinand – British Soccer Player – on losing his wife to cancer

Rio Ferdinand’s wife Rebecca died almost 2 years ago at 34 of a very aggressive form of breast cancer. This is a trailer from the BBC documentary, which aired on March 28th, of how he has been coping as a single parent to their 3 children since her death. I wish I could provide a […]

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A Great Article from The New Yorker by Charles Yu

If you have considered therapy, are in therapy, or are a therapist – this short piece of fiction about love, dreams, children, (and the loss of the children we believe we want or have a right to), the expected and the unexpected… is a poignant read and can be retrieved at the link below!

The article […]

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Yoga for Grief and Loss


Upcoming Events and Free Classes

Dear All
The cold and quiet of winter is a great time to commit to your practice.¬† Make a commitment to yourself¬† for self care and come to yoga, or a healing arts session Learn more about yourself and how to keep yourself in balance by taking an […]

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Kayla Mueller

I had to share this letter that Kayla Mueller, the young woman who has been held hostage in Syria, wrote to her parents and has been released today with confirmation of her death. Her words are an amazing gift of courage and grace – may her parents find solace in those that knew and loved […]

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Powerful Blog Post on The Heartache of Miscarriage

This blog post came to my attention last night – the writer lives in Ontario Canada – and as you can tell from her words this is a fresh and very painful loss, truly beautifully written and poignantly shared.
It has been a very bad week and this post is fraught with Too Much Information

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