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My best friend, who struggles with infertility, hates that I’m pregnant By Dr. Andrea BoniorExpress Advice ColumnistMarch 11 Don’t miss the next live chat: Dr. Andrea Bonior, a licensed clinical psychologist who has been helping readers with Baggage Check since 2005, hosts a weekly live chat at on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. She discusses her [...]

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Men and Infertility

Great short video from the BBC What not to say to men who can’t have kids We asked Sheridan, Michel and Jonny what the hardest thing was about having trouble conceiving. Video journalist: Mohamed Madi

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Holy Mother – Facing Infertility

This is the brief PP that I presented with my PhD defense back in 2006 - still think it is relevant! All of the babies at the end of the video are infants of the study participants - included with permission but names have been changed.

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Mother's Day

I came across this on the Internet and thought I would share it with all of those who are in the middle of the journey...   “Happy Mother's Day” It comes around every year; but when you have empty arms, it's very hard to hear. It's a day to celebrate a mother, for all that [...]

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