Deepak and Oprah 21 Day Meditation Challenge – Desire and Destiny

Great way to begin meditation – and best of all it is free! I have also added a You Tube link to one of their older videos



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A motto to live by…

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ORLANDO – Liz O’Donnell June 14th, 2016

I am struggling to find the kind of space in my heart that allows love to regenerate when anger, revenge, and despair have claimed possession. I know from experience that revenge is the shortest lived of those emotions for me and that anger has an energy that propels me […]

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Holy Mother – Facing Infertility

This is the brief PP that I presented with my PhD defense back in 2006 – still think it is relevant! All of the babies at the end of the video are infants of the study participants – included with permission but names have been changed.

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Kayla Mueller

I had to share this letter that Kayla Mueller, the young woman who has been held hostage in Syria, wrote to her parents and has been released today with confirmation of her death. Her words are an amazing gift of courage and grace – may her parents find solace in those that knew and loved […]

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