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Betrayal Trauma Resource

I might have posted this resource before and if so it is worthy of another post – some great on-line resources for partners of people who are struggling with betrayal trauma:




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Are Pornography and Infidelity Abusive to Your Spouse? Interview with Dr. Omar Minwalla

Are Pornography And Infidelity Abusive To Your Spouse?

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Why Minding Matters and Betrayal Trauma – I am re-posting this article by request

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Why Minding Matters and Betrayal Trauma by Liz O’Donnell, PhD

Link to a PDF of the article below

Why Minding Matters and Betrayal Trauma


Why Minding Matters and Betrayal Trauma
By Liz O’Donnell, PhD
There is no shortage of literature written on the trauma of betrayal, perhaps because it is likely that most human beings have experienced some sort of betrayal in their lives, from the slight to the […]

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Sexual Compulsivity and Partner Betrayal Trauma – A New Diagnosis Omar Minwalla, PhD

Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Disorder (CASRD)

CASRD Tutorial: Mouse over the diagram below and click on the highlighted sections to read the descriptions. The following is an interactive educational tutorial on compulsive-abusive sexual-relational disorders, a different way of understanding patterns of infidelity, sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior, and sexual acting out concerns. Starting at level 5 at […]

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