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My best friend, who struggles with infertility, hates that I’m pregnant By Dr. Andrea BoniorExpress Advice ColumnistMarch 11 Don’t miss the next live chat: Dr. Andrea Bonior, a licensed clinical psychologist who has been helping readers with Baggage Check since 2005, hosts a weekly live chat at on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. She discusses her [...]

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Brene Brown’s Courage Works online classes

Brene Brown speaking to Oprah about the best way to measure courage: WHAT IS COURAGEworks? Developed by Brené Brown, COURAGEworks is an online learning community that offers eCourses, workshops, and interviews for anyone who is ready for braver living, loving, and leading. see link below for registration:

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Esther Perel suggests…

  From Esther Perel's Blog Rejection has always been a part of the relationship landscape. But are the new trends of ghosting, icing and simmering increasing our acceptance of ambiguous ends? Last year, I spoke about modern love at a conference with 2,500 millennials. There, I was introduced to new norms of intimate relationships and [...]

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