1511, 2018

Why is Infertility Rising? BBC Podcast

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3110, 2018

Betrayal Trauma Resource

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I might have posted this resource before and if so it is worthy of another post – some great on-line resources for partners of people who are struggling with betrayal trauma:




2510, 2018

For those struggling with insomnia….

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This sleep story app is definitely worth a try – warning though – it says it is free but only free for the first 7 days and then is $60.00 per year so make sure if you try it that you won’t automatically let it roll over to a chargeable app unless you really want […]

1810, 2018

Are Pornography and Infidelity Abusive to Your Spouse? Interview with Dr. Omar Minwalla

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Are Pornography And Infidelity Abusive To Your Spouse?

1710, 2018

Grandmothers and the Friendship Bench – fighting depression in Africa

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1610, 2018

New 21 Day Meditation Starts October 21st, 2018 (new)

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1709, 2018

Deepak Chopra’s Top 5 Meditation Styles for Beginners

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709, 2018

New resource for women who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss

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This is a great resource/organization – there is also a trailer from their movie coming out later this year – warning it is extremely powerful so if you have suffered a recent loss this might be too much right now

2708, 2018

An N of One – original Article by Liz O’Donnell

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An N of One

2008, 2018

Sometime this is what it takes to create a life…

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Read the story at the link below: